Origin: Sweden

Genre: Indie / folk

Years Active: 2012 - Present

Label/ Publisher: Backseat / BMG Scandinavia

The Bland is an INES#talent 2020.

"Pure music euphoria and an enthusiastic audience, more is not possible." 

- Kieler Nachrichten

"Reviving the rock genre"

- Nothing But Hope And Passion

"Open and Uninhibited."

- Rolling Stone Magazine Germany


The audience have been invited to a special place, in which the venue they once knew have changed into something entirely different. The walls have long yellow curtains hanging from the walls. There's a long table in front of the stage decorated with yellow flowers and candles. Trumpets and choirs are echoing through the room as everyone in the room takes place around the big table. Out of nowhere the audience finds themselves in the middle of a big dinner together with The Bland and the thoughts of watching a traditional concert starts to fade away. 

Suddenly Axel is hanging upside down with his feet tied to the bass drum. The yellow color the audience painted his face with during the show is pouring down into his eyes as he sings out we all should ”melt into the night together”. A whole night has passed and The Bland and the audience have entered an elevated state in the last song of their show. It feels like everyone in the venue have lived a life together.

Johanna Ovelius and The Bland's members have together started a project in which the barriers between audience and artist are to be broken down. A familiar feeling has been the goal - where no one is left outside. After the scenic and inviting pre-show dinner ends a magic show begins - where the members of The Bland enter stage acting to meet up in an old port by the side of a moonlight lit ocean. Together they step into the light, and into the restaurant they call "La Hata Vitoye", and imaginary place creating the foundation for the oncoming story. 

In the venue, now transformed into something else, The Bland invites everyone to paint eachothers faces, and also the band members. 


The energy outbursts, rituals and experimental parts in The Bland’s indie pop performances often evokes acts like Arcade Fire, The Doors and The Rolling Stones and they’re developing a reputation for their eccentric and sometimes nearly psychotic stage presence.


Despite recent success - where The Bland have found themselves touring nonstop internationally with hundreds of shows last two years, over a million streams on Spotify and tons of radio airplay - the five friends behind The Bland remain seated and curious and claim they get together in-between every single show to create something new every time they step on stage, both visually and musically.


Though originating from Sweden, The members of The Bland met by chance in New Zealand while traveling. After falling in love with each other musically, the friends decided to go busking the streets of the world together. As their music developed so did the crowds in the streets - and when armed police one night had to shut down a dancing crowd in Italy, The Bland decided to go back to Stockholm where they bought a red cabin for recording their stories.


The result was ’The Beautiful Distance’, an album, a documentary and the biggest tour The Bland are leaving for so far and though they’ve only seen the beginning, they already claim it’s changed their lives. If you get the chance to see this band live, and travel with them from poetic depth to euphoric emotion - grasp it with all your power.


Label & PR Germany, Switzerland, Austria:

Backseat • Sebastian Król • • +49 40 63745470


Management & Booking:

ALL ROOMS • Stefan Schumacher • • +49 1627121796

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United Stage • Caroline Dickson • • +46 733878802

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