The Bland

The guys in The Bland first met in a park of New Zeeland. Quiet a strange place to meet for a Swedish band, but that’s how it went down. Guitarist Anton had brought a guitar and soon after starting playing singer Axel joined in and a musical connection was made in an instant. A connection Axel later on has said he had been waiting all his teens to find. 

Weeks of playing continued and they then had to separate due to travel plans. After a goodbye-late-session of table tennis they made a promise to stay in contact. 

When back in their home country, Sweden, chance brought them together and Axel Öberg managed to rent a big house so they all could move in together. For the first time The Bland had a rehearsal (the basement). 

Not thinking much about career, the guys tagged along a friend’s project selling milkshakes on festivals, where they in-between their shifts played songs for entertainment. Without telling who they were, a small production company joined them every time they play after hearing The Bland’s folky pop fuzzing away in the Swedish sun. Little did The Bland know that they, just a few years after, would stand on one of the biggest stages of that very festival - after shooting a music video with yeah, that company.

So basement rehearsing and busking suddenly turned to touring and that’s what the guys in The Bland are up to now. If you catch them on tour you will probably be able to grab a glass with them. That’s how things are with The Bland. 

Oh, and they released an album in late august 2019. I heard some of it, it’s fucking great. - Written by a friend. 


„Five talented musicians from Sweden are reviving the rock genre. Warming our hearts with emotional and witty lyrics and catchy hooks this musical wind from the north is to be reckoned with.“ Nothing But Hope And Passion

„Since the dissolution of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives in 2012, there has been a big gap in the psychedelic-folk pop scene, which could now fill The Bland.“ Beatblogger

“A captivating sound, from which the band lets itself be carried away again and again, and plunges into pure music euphoria. An enthusiastic audience, more is not possible.” Kieler Nachrichten

"Inspired by folk-pop, 60s rock and Swedish indie music, Bland plays with our emotions. It is as pleasing as heartbreaking, but always with a vulnerable intimacy."

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